Monday Morning Coffee Prompts
These posts allow our members to engage in the comments section based upon a specific question or thought, on Monday mornings.
Tuesday Get Excited Prompts
These posts are specifically to engage our user's about what they're excited about on this specific day or week or month by asking what they're most excited about directly.
Real Value Posts
We ask our members what specific actions they plan to take to create real value in their market today. 
This allows our members to put specific acts into play that will promote their business as a value creator and differentiate them from their competitors. 
Story Time
Storytelling is an age old technique that engages the brain of the listener or reader in ways unimaginable. These exercises are not business oriented but allow our members to exercise their "story telling muscle" whether fact or fiction.
Comfort Zone Quotes
We consistently pull quotes specifically from entrepreneurs and thought leaders about leaving the comfort zone.
This prompts the thought about staying in the comfort zone versus growing in our entrepreneurs and business owners, but it also gives a role model and an example of someone they should be mimicking in business.
Level Up Business Blast
Rules are strict in a group like Level Up. We're not here to get barraged with ads from lots of different users constantly, BUT in order to grow a business, you have to have sales. That's why we provide a necessary outlet for our members to tell everyone about something going on in their business this week.

Maybe it's a specific sale or just a general "this is what we do" post, but this provides a great place to comment and reply to those types of posts, while keeping the page orderly and kempt.
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